Dry Rot

Dry Rot is a wood destroying fungi that spreads leaving the timber dry and brittle. It can ruin any wood structures inside or outside.


What causes Dry Rot?

Air and excessive moisture causes dry rot.  Once the moisture level exceeds thirty percent, the wood is affected to the dry rot fungus. The dry rot fungus produces spores which are then spread through the air. You will have to take action once this happens. You need to remove it and ensure the affected wood is repaired or replaced. Dry Rot can weaken the wood to a point where it can cause serious damage to your building.

How to Spot Dry Rot

Dry Rot leaves cracks across the grain of the wood. It can sometimes be brown in color. Dry rot can seriously damage your property, if you don't catch it soon enough. We highly recommend to have an annual dry rot assessment. Contact us now to get started. 


Recent Dry Rot Projects 

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