Our Process

Prepping is key to every job! That is why our team takes it very seriously. C&A Painting has a


particular process we follow when it comes to prep. 



 1. Power wash and clean all walls


 2. Repair all damaged surfaces such as stucco, wood, metal or siding as needed


 3. Scrape and sand  all loose paint and spot prime


 4. Apply caulking to all places in need, such as joints and also where caulking has

      previously shrunk or failed


 5. Cover the floor


 6. Remove all switches, outlets and signs


 7. For exterior cover all doors, windows, light fixtures and any surfaces that are                   not being painted


 8. Cover any plants, or bushes in the area with drop cloths






  1. We use high quality paint for all exterior surfaces


 2. We back roll all surfaces to make sure paint gets in all cracks and grooves

 3. Spray/brush and roll all trim

 Clean Up:


 1. Removal of all masking tape and masking film


 2. Clean up of all debris at the end of each day

 3. Clean up of any paint spills or drips