Why C&A Painting?

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

 We have always operated under strong values at exceeding client needs. Our work is spot on! We do not walk off the job until you are happy. 

Fully Licensed and Insured:

 We maintain a $5 million umbrella insurance policy to ensure you are protected. 


 We provide weekly reports to our customers on our progress. Our communication channels are always open with our clients and all employees. We post our work schedule for tenants.  Our relationship with our clients begin on the first day of contact and only ends once they're fully satisfied with our work.


 Safety is one of our top priorities. Our men due to COVID-19 are taking extra precautions. They wear masks on the job and have a sanitizing station at every job site.

 C&A Painting has weekly tailgate  safety meetings.They also wear harnesses while on the roof or high up while on the lifts. Before hiring a new employee, we require them to take a safety training course.

Color Rendering and Specifications:

There are so many questions when it comes to picking out your paint color for you HOA, Apartment or Commercial building. We can help you and teach you about the colors. We also do specifications for your job.  

Our Team:

 Superior prep work is key to every job. Our team is clean on all jobs from start to finish. Our skills, knowledge, and attention to detail is above and beyond.


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