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C & A provides a great, hardworking team to fulfill your commercial painting needs. Our process is thorough and thought all the way through. Our communication between our clients and our employees is one of our top priorities. Our work ethic and attention to detail goes above and beyond. When you hire C&A Painting we will make sure you are completely satisfied before leaving the job. 

Types of Buildings We Work On

  • Commercial Buildings 


  • Warehouses    ​



  • Shopping Centers ​​​​

  • Health Facilities


  • Retail Store Fronts  ​



  • Hospitality

  • Post Offices



  • Airports  



  • Industrial    ​​​​​

  • Education Centers ​

  • Gym & Fitness Centers 


  • Religious Institutions   ​


Services We Provide

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Servicing the Multi-family, HOA and Commercial Industry throughout the Bay Area

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Window Mullion Refinishings

Here at C & A we offer refinishing for commercial window frames, and mullions. We have an extensive process that ensures a high quality finish, that leaves your mullions looking new again. It's not just about the look, it's also about protecting your initial investment with a durable coating that will extend the life of your window mullions for years to come! 


Metallic Finishes

Building owners and  architects are always looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of their properties. One of these ways is to implement Metallic Finishes in areas such as elevator doors, interior handrails, metal hollow door frames, and in some cases accent walls. 

  At C & A we have highly skilled professionals that can achieve the results you are looking for while maintaining an eco friendly working environment. 

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